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Principal Investigator


LUO Xiangzhong (Remi)

Assistant Professor (2021 - now). National University of Singapore (Presidential Young Professor).

Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2020). Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & UC Berkeley.

Ph.D. in 2018. Physical Geography, University of Toronto.

M.Sc. in 2013. Physical Geography, Peking University.

B.Sc. in 2010. Environment and Resource Management. Wuhan University.

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Jiaqi TIAN (2022.03 - now) 

Research interests:  phenology, vegetation-climate interactions, remote sensing 

Ph.D. in 2021. Remote Sensing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

M.Sc. in 2019. Geomatics (Geographic Information System), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

B.Sc. in 2015. Land Resource Management, Northeast Agricultural University.



Ruiying ZHAO (2023.02 - now)

Research interests: terrestrial ecosystem modeling, soil carbon, land use changes

Ph.D. in 2022. Agricultural Remote Sensing, Zhejiang University.

B.Sc. in 2016. Geography, Wuhan University.



Liyao YU (2023.02 - now)

Reserch interests: plant physiology, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, eddy covariance

Ph.D. in 2022. Bioenvironmental Engineering, University of Tokyo.

M.Sc. in 2018. Horticulture, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

B.Sc. in 2016. Plant Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University.



Luri Nurlaila SYAHID (2023.06 - now)

Research interests: remote sensing, forest restoration, wetland ecosystems.

Ph.D. in 2022. Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

M.Sc. in 2020. Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

B.Sc. in 2016. University of Diponegoro, Indonesia


Yang Li

Yang LI (2024.05 - now)

Research interests: vegetation-climate interactions, remote sensing, disturbance detection, forest resilience, and land cover change.

Ph.D. in 2023. Environmental Science. The Ohio State University. 

M.Sc. in 2017. Cartography and Geographical Information System. Beijing Normal University. 

B.Sc. in 2014. Geographical Information System. Wuhan University. 



PhD Candidate/Student


Tin Widyani SATRIAWAN (2022.08 - now)

Research interests: climatic variability and land use changes on tropical terrestrial ecosystems. Her PhD thesis aims to understand on how coffee agroforests affect carbon cycle in Indonesia.

M.Sc. in 2022. Geography, University of British Columbia, Canada

B.Sc. in 2020. Biology, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia


wee han_edited.jpg

Wee Han CHUA (2023.08 - now)

Research interests:  remote sensing, agriculture. His focus lies in understanding how climatic and social factors impact agricultural systems in Southeast Asia.

M.Sc. in 2023. Applied Geographic Information Systems, National University of Singapore.

B.Sc. in 2022. Life Sciences, National University of Singapore.



Yiguang ZOU (2023.08 - now)

Research interests: climate change, hydrology. He plans to combine satellite observation, statistical methods, and physical models to study the biophysical feedback of tropical forest on climate.

M.Sc. in 2023. Southern University of Science and Technology, China

B.Sc. in 2016. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China



NG Tan Ting, Diane (2024.01 - now)

Research interests: photosynthesis, leaf economics spectrum, trait–environment relationships. Her current goal is to study the impact of forest fragmentation on tropical rainforest carbon flux. 

M.Phil. in 2023. Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

B.Sc. in 2021. Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Tan Li Ming_edited.jpg

TAN Li Ming (2024.01 - now)

Research interests: remote sensing, evapotranspiration, terrestrial carbon cycle. Her focus lies in understanding the climate resilience of trees in Singapore.


Associate Scientist (2020 - now). Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, National University of Singapore

M.Sc. in 2020. Applied Geographic Information Systems, National University of Singapore

B.A. in 2012. Education (Geography), Nanyang Technological University


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Undergraduate Research Assistant

Li Ming_edited.png

TEO Li Ming, Rachel (2023.01 - now)

Research interests: terrestrial carbon cycle, photosynthesis and carbon sequestration in the context of a changing climate. Her research is on the photosynthesis of major tree species in Singapore, examining the impacts through the lens of various IPCC shared socio-economic pathway projections. 

B.Soc.Sci. Hons. Geography, National University of Singapore (ongoing)




LAU Wei Song, Willis (2021.06 - 2023.10)

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Willis studied photosynthesis of three major tree species in Singapore under a warming gradient.

B. Env. Sci. in 2023. Environmental Studies, National University of Singapore.


Now in MSc. Geospatial Sciences, University College London.

Xinrong ZHU (2021.11 - 2022.05)

Visiting PhD student - Xinrong studied the nonlinear impacts of soil moisture on vegetation dynamics

PhD. in 2023. Peking University. China.


Now a faculty member at Chinese Agriculture University, China.

Zhen ZHANG (2021.08 - 2022.12)

Visiting PhD student - Zhen studied the changes in the productivity of global mangroves.

PhD. in 2023. Xiamen University. China.


Now a Research Fellow at Tulane University, USA.

Juan CAO (2021.06 - 2022.06)

Visiting PhD student - Juan studied the impacts of El Nino-Southern Oscillation on global crop yield.

PhD. in 2023. Beijing Normal University. China.


Now a faculty member at Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai), China

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